WWE SummerSlam 2021 Predictions

SummerSlam 2021
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Here is our run-down of predictions for WWE SummerSlam 2021. The biggest party of the summer emanates from Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Nevada. And to say that this looks like an epic WWE PPV event would be an understatement. Indeed, it will be the largets crowd at a wrestling event since Royal Rumble 2020. And those that will descend upon Vegas this Saturday will get to see a line-up containing major stars, epic title matches and dream bouts.

Now, some matches are bound to succeed more than others. And some may not last more than a few minutes, if not a few seconds. But never mind how good the matches are going to be; who will emerge from SummerSlam as winners? Well, that is what this article is all about. Indeed, this is our latest wrestling predictions article. So, let’s break down what we can expect to see at SummerSlam 2021!

WWE SummerSlam 2021

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match
The Usos (C) vs. Rey Mysterio & Dominic Mysterio

Kicking things off, this could be the match that ends up being a low-key must-watch. So, Jimmy and Jey would win the belts from the Mysterios at Money In The Bank. Since then, we would be privy to see Rey giving Dominic pointers about how to best approach the twins. But it comes across as the slow-build for a potential divide in the Mysterio clan. Could it happen at SummerSlam? I don’t think so. But it wouldn’t surprise me to see Dominic turn his back on Rey in the near future.

That will be after SummerSlam, though. And on this night, I believe that The Usos will retain their straps. Besides, it’s time for a fresh team to take on Jimmy and Jey. And I believe that The Street Profits will be that tandem. Or maybe it will be Chad Gable and Otis. Either way, it won’t be the Mysterios, as they lose to The Usos once and for all here.

Prediction: The Usos

WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match
Nikki A.S.H. (C) vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair

Nikki Cross would go from just another competitor to (almost) a superhero and a champion within weeks. However, that would come at the expense of Charlotte Flair, who was coming off dethroning Rhea Ripley at Money In The Bank. As a result, there would be the announcement of a three-way bout for the Raw Women’s Title match in Allegiant Stadium. In between, we would see an awful lot of matches and segments involving these women. And I have to be honest, I am not exactly bursting with excitement for this blow-off match. After all, Rhea’s momentum already looks to be waning. And Charlotte winning yet another title doesn’t exactly scream “money” at this stage.

Which makes me believe that Nikki will retain her title here. Sure, her persona is not exactly connecting with everyone in the WWE Universe. But a successful title defence could be what makes her, erm, a full superhero, I guess? Either way, I don’t see Nikki’s reign with the belt ending just yet. So, while she won’t hold the title beyond Extreme Rules or Clash Of Champions, A.S.H. will survive this test.

Prediction: Nikki A.S.H.

WWE United States Championship Match
Sheamus (C) vs. Damien Priest

Sheamus is low-key one of the highlights of Raw at the moment. He doesn’t wrestle often, but when he does compete, he always provides fans with a hard-hitting bout. And therefore his reign as United States Champion remains justifiable. But will it last beyond SummerSlam? Damien Priest is amongst the top prospects for Raw at the moment, so he could do with a major victory. And the U.S. Title seems like just the thing that Priest needs to elevate his standing.

However, I don’t believe that Damien will win the gold – not yet, anyway. I foresee Sheamus taking a disqualification defeat to hold onto his belt, allowing Priest to chase him to Extreme Rules. And that is where I do believe that Damien will win the title. But for the time being, Sheamus will leave Las Vegas as United States Champion. However, that is only on a technicality.

Prediction: Damien Priest (via DQ)

WWE Championship Match
Bobby Lashley (C) vs. Goldberg

Da Man gets another chance to win his first WWE Title against the Almighty. Now, Lashley is the subject of a dominant reign since capturing the gold back on March 1. Conversely, Goldberg is coming off defeats at WrestleMania 36 and Royal Rumble 2021. And a losing streak is the polar opposite of what Goldberg symbolises. All of which suggests that he could shock the world and become WWE Champion here at SummerSlam. But that would come at the expense of Lashley, not to mention potentially eliciting an unwelcome shower of boos for babyface Bill. Yet, I also don’t see Lashley beating Goldberg. So, what will happen?

My bold prediction: Big E runs in mid-match to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase. And he pins Lashley to win the title to avenge Bobby destroying his New Day buddies while preventing Goldberg from officially losing. Plus, it would result in an almighty crowd pop as Big E finally wins a heavyweight title. So, I am taking a risk and suggesting that Big E, not Lashley nor Goldberg, leaves SummerSlam as WWE Champion.

Prediction: Big E (via Money In The Bank cash-in)

Alexa Bliss vs. Eva Marie

In terms of quality and entertainment, this is likely to be the low point of the evening. Why? Well, Alexa’s version of The Fiend character loses steam and logic by the week. No, I’m not a Lilly fan; then again, who is? Meanwhile, Eva Marie is not exactly the recipient of a head-turning comeback push. Instead, she is filling a spot that literally anybody in WWE could have in opposition to Bliss. Sadly, the only item of interest concerns whether the crowd will hijack the match with “We Want Wyatt!” chants. I hope that doesn’t happen, but unfortunately, it wouldn’t be a surprise to me.

In terms of how this one ends, I can’t see anything other than a victory for Alexa. Whether that loss for Marie sees her alliance with Doudrop crumble is a topic for another time. But I do see Alexa using her triumph at SummerSlam as a springboard towards a shot at the Raw Women’s Championship. Yes, her former tag team partner Nikki A.S.H. may be in trouble.

Prediction: Alexa Bliss

Seth Rollins vs. Edge

Now we have what could be the match of the night. And in fact, it could very well be the match of the year. Hey, we have two of the best WWE stars of the past 20 years colliding for the first time ever. And there’s no guarantee that they will clash again beyond this night. So, Edge has a point to prove that he is capable of holding his own in straight singles matches at the age of 47. Meanwhile, for Seth, the goal is slightly different; he simply wants to defeat The Rated R Superstar. And in his own words, if that means breaking Edge’s neck and ending his career, so be it.

As an actual match, I expect this to live up to expectations by being the show-stealer in Vegas. As for the result, I am leaning towards Edge getting his first major singles victory since WrestleMania 36. It certainly won’t please Rollins, and I see him attacking Edge after the bell to regain his heat. But overall, while this will be a close contest, I think Edge has that extra, erm, edge over Rollins. Ergo, it will be his night to shine, not that of The Architect.

Prediction: Edge

Drew McIntyre vs. Jinder Mahal

Originally, I would suggest that this is an easy win for the Scottish Psychopath. After all, it’s Jinder Mahal, who has no major wins to his name in several years. Plus, McIntyre would plough through his associates Veer and Shanky multiple times en route to this PPV. However, the more I think about it, the more I feel that Jinder will win in a major upset.

The reason is this: what else can McIntyre do beyond SummerSlam? He can’t challenge for the WWE Championship while Lashley holds it. And even if Bobby drops it (more on that shortly), I don’t see Drew re-entering the title picture just yet. However, if Mahal sneaks to a victory on this night, there is justification for a rematch at Extreme Rules. And a rematch that may have a special stipulation, such as Punjabi Prison (hello Battleground 2017!). I’m not suggesting that I want that outcome, but this article is about what I believe will happen. And so I see Jinder getting a dodgy roll-up to stun Drew and prolong their rivalry for a few more weeks.

Prediction: Jinder Mahal

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match
AJ Styles & Omos (C) vs. RKBro

Over the past few weeks, RKBro would go from no longer existing to reuniting and being stronger than ever. And the combo of Randy Orton and Riddle is super-over right now with WWE fans. More to the point, it’s the most entertaining aspect of Monday nights. However, AJ Styles and Omos represent a formidable challenge for this odd couple tandem. Can Orton and Riddle coexist long enough to lift the belts, or will Styles and Omos reign supreme?

Though I see value in AJ and Omos retaining, I believe that we get a title switch here. After all, Orton and Riddle are as popular as any other act in WWE right now. And though there is value in the babyfaces chasing the gold, I feel that it could hinder their momentum. So, I think WWE will strike while the iron is hot and crown RKBro as the new Raw Tag Team Champions. From there, I would expect a fairly long reign for the faces resulting in Orton vs. Riddle at WrestleMania 38. But all that is still to come beyond SummerSlam.

Prediction: RKBro

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match
Bianca Belair (C) vs. Sasha Banks

It’s always fun to see SummerSlam as the host of a WrestleMania rematch. And here we have the second chapter from a rivalry that would headline the first night of WrestleMania 37. Now, it was Bianca’s night in Tampa back in April, but can she triumph again in Vegas? I don’t think so. Not because she isn’t capable, but because there may be more value in the heel Boss regaining the belt. Why?

Because I feel that, on a night of surprises, one will see Becky Lynch return after the match. And while Banks vs. Becky isn’t a new feud, it would create a massive moment with The Man finally returning. As for Bianca, she would temporarily stand back to allow Becky to regain a major championship. And I do see Becky vs. Bianca eventually. But not just yet. And if Lynch is about to return to the ring, I feel that her target will be The Boss. Hence Sasha defeating Belair here at SummerSlam.

Prediction: Sasha Banks

WWE Universal Championship Match
Roman Reigns (C) vs. John Cena

It’s time for the main event, and arguably the biggest WWE match in years. So, Reigns’ title reign would begin almost a year ago at Payback 2020 in conjunction with a heel turn. And his Head Of The Table gimmick remains the best thing about WWE right now. However, John Cena’s surprise return at Money In The Bank would shake things up significantly. And though Roman insist that Cena is old-hat, there’s no denying that John is the most popular performer in the company. Again. Now, previously I would say that Roman is going to smash Cena as he would do against any other opponent. However, John’s promo saying that he merely needs to survive a beating long enough to get a 1-2-3 has me thinking otherwise. And there’s also the prospect of a history-making 17th heavyweight title win for Big Match John.

Therefore, I am going to take a chance and predict a Universal Title win for John Cena. It’s the only top WWE prize that Cena is yet to hold. And it would get a massive reaction that would ensure that nobody forgets this SummerSlam card. Post-match, I do see Reigns beating the living hell out of John to set up a rematch. And there’s no doubt that Reigns regains the gold there, perhaps drawing a massive SmackDown rating in the process. As for SummerSlam, though, I think that Cena is going to make it a historical 17th title victory.

Prediction: John Cena

WWE SummerSlam 2021 Final Thoughts

I thoroughly expect this to be a night to remember. After waiting for a massive crowd for so long, WWE has the chance to deliver a card worthy of the occasion. In the ring, most of the matches are likely to deliver. But it’s the potential moments that have me experiencing a sense of intrigue. So, we could have a Becky Lynch return, a Money In The Bank cash-in and John Cena’s 17th title win. And that’s not accounting for any other tricks that WWE may have up its sleeve on Saturday night. (And no I don’t expect CM Punk to show up here instead of at AEW Rampage. But it would be a hell of a scene if he was to do so!)

It’s worth remembering that the Draft is likely to happen in early October. So, any feuds that begin or continue beyond this show will likely end by Extreme Rules. And this knowledge is the justification for some of the results that I am predicting. But whether I’m 100% right or totally wrong, I am looking forward to SummerSlam. And if it lives up to the hype, then it should be the best PPV of 2021 so far.

You can watch WWE SummerSlam 2021 on the WWE Network or on Peacock.

So, those are our predictions for WWE SummerSlam 2021! But what do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment below!