WWE Survivor Series 2021 Predictions

Survivor Series 2021
Image Source: The SmackDown Hotel

Here is our run-down of predictions for WWE Survivor Series 2021. So, the 35th annual Survivors event emanates from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. And once again WWE is building the show around the battle of the Raw and SmackDown brands. Mind you, this friendly feud has been almost nonexistent, making this less significant than ever before. Furthermore, the build-up to the show has been rather poor, to say the least. So much so that it’s easy to forget the show is even happening this weekend. That’s a shame for a card that should be the final major extravaganza of the year.

The good news is that a woeful build doesn’t always mean a bad show. As a matter of fact, there may be some excellent bouts on display in Brooklyn. But who will emerge from Survivor Series as winners or, you may say, survivors? Well, that is what this article is all about. Indeed, this is our latest wrestling predictions article. So, let’s break down what we can expect to see at Survivor Series 2021!

WWE Survivor Series 2021

RK-Bro vs. The Usos

First of all, let’s look at the battle between the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Now, Randy Orton and Riddle’s alliance is arguably the best thing on Raw all year long. Yet their alliance still feels shaky, and once they eventually drop the titles, a feud is an inevitability. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Jey Uso are as rock-solid a unit as ever and will be up for the fight here.

This may end up stealing the show, though that depends whether we get a motivated or a lethargic Orton. The best bet is the former, and therefore this should be an exciting clash. I see The Usos winning due to a Riddle mistake to further Orton’s growing frustration with his cool-as-a-cucumber partner. As an aside, Orton makes history here by setting the new all-time record for PPV appearances in WWE.

Prediction: The Usos

Damian Priest vs. Shinsuke Nakamaura

Next up, we have the clash of the United States and Intercontinental Champions. It’s easy for me to say that Raw will take the win here to counterbalance SmackDown’s triumph in the previous bout. However, Priest has been on a continuous roll for months now. Indeed, I barely recall him tasting a defeat, and especially in singles action, since coming to Raw. Meanwhile, Nakamura is enjoying a decent spell with the IC strap in his possession. However, it’s Rick Boogs (or Boooooooooogs) that is propping up Shin’s act right now.

Therefore, after what should be a back-and-forth battle, I foresee Priest defeating Nakamura in this one. Whether that leads to a larger push for Damian in early 2022 is up for debate. Certainly, WWE wouldn’t go to such lengths to protect someone that they didn’t have plans for. Right? Anyway, expect Priest to get the win here over Nakamura.

Prediction: Damian Priest

Women’s Survivor Series Match

The line-up currently reads: Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, Carmella, Liv Morgan and Queen Zelina vs. Sasha Banks, Shotzi, Shayna Baszler, Natalya and Toni Storm. As is often the case, both sides are playing up the idea of team members not getting along. On the night, this usually doesn’t play much of a role in how the match goes. Here, though, a blow-up between new foes Sasha and Shotzi is an inevitability in my opinion.

I think this is a tough one to call. Bianca is a major star that could lead her team to victory, especially after multiple major losses recently. Yet SmackDown has some major threats, amongst them Storm who just challenged Charlotte Flair last week. And then there’s Liv Morgan, who is now on Becky Lynch’s radar as her upcoming title challenger. Therefore, I will assume that Sasha and Shotzi cause their own eliminations in some way, with Doudrop screwing over Belair. That leaves Morgan to most likely defeat Storm and to be sole survivor, leading Team Raw to victory.

Prediction: Team Raw

Men’s Survivor Series Match

There isn’t a great deal of additional drama when it comes to the men’s Survivors bout, to be honest. This pits Bobby Lashley, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and Austin Theory against Drew McIntyre, Happy Corbin, Jeff Hardy, King Woods and a mystery partner. Unless the fifth member of Team SmackDown is a major star, let’s focus on the potential result involving the other nine. On Raw, Rollins and Owens are in the top storyline right now, with Lashley also lurking in the background. Meanwhile, Drew McIntyre seems like a strong candidate to be sole survivor due to his status as SmackDown’s top babyface.

Therefore, I’m going for the blue brand to win this one. I think that a miscommunication between Rollins and Owens will lead to one or both falling by the wayside. It’s also possible that The Usos take out King Woods on the orders of Roman Reigns. That would bring us to Lashley vs. McIntyre, with a Claymore Kick earning the win for the Scottish Warrior. A major victory here could also prepare Drew to enter the hunt for the Universal Championship come WrestleMania season.

Prediction: Team SmackDown

Big E vs. Roman Reigns

At one point, I believed this could have been a WrestleMania main event. But with Big E cashing in Money In The Bank to become WWE Champion, the paths of both men only cross here. Now, Big E has a good amount of momentum as the new top dog on Raw. However, there’s no getting past the sheer dominance of Roman Reigns. Indeed, he is head and shoulders above anyone else in the entire wrestling industry. And he’s unlikely to suffer a significant defeat anytime soon.

That being said, because this is a non-title affair, it’s definitely possible that Big E actually defeats Roman here. It could be due to interference from New Day members King Woods and Kofi Kingston. And that could set up Woods to face Reigns for the Universal Championship at Day 1. However, it’s still Roman Reigns that we’re talking about here. The longer he goes unbeaten, the more impact it will have when somebody (Drew McIntyre?) finally defeats him. And as a result, I’m going for Reigns to defeat Big E here.

Prediction: Roman Reigns

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair

Now we come to what I assume will be the main event. It’s telling that this often-seen bout is the most anticipated, and it’s mainly because of something that shouldn’t have happened. On the surface, WWE is deliberately avoiding a focus on the cringeworthy title-swap segment from October 22. To the diehard fans, however, the controversy stemming from the angle and particularly its aftermath makes this the match to watch. Off-the-record comments from both competitors also suggest that there’s real animosity between these former friends. Or is there?

Indeed, we may be playing into their hands, with this possibly being a very effective worked-shoot situation. I feel that there is definitely some legit beef, but both are playing it up while promoting this match. Hey, that’s the purpose of professional wrestling, isn’t it? It also helps that Becky remains WWE’s top female star with Charlotte not being far behind. I’m confident that the match itself will be rather exciting and will play into the animosity with some very authentic spots. As for the result … hmm.

I would normally say for Becky to win here. However, there is a larger story that WWE could tell if Charlotte wins, especially if it happens via questionable means. Since WWE doesn’t have anyone obvious to dethrone either champion come WrestleMania, the money may be in a rematch. And if Flair wins in a screwjob fashion, Becky may have the motivation to pursue The Queen in the run-up to Mania. So, I’m going for Charlotte to triumph in a controversial manner to set up a larger rematch at WrestleMania 38.

Prediction: Charlotte Flair

Other Notes

At one stage, the hot rumour was for The Rock to show up in Brooklyn on Sunday. The idea would be that Rock would be there to instigate hostilities with Roman Reigns. And that could be the set-up for a massive match at WM 38. However, while I do see this bout happening, I don’t think it will be at Mania this April. Instead, I believe that we see Rock at Mania 38 in an angle with Roman to set up WrestleMania 39.

Therefore, don’t expect to see The Rock celebrate his 25th anniversary with WWE on this card. I would be ecstatic if we did see him, but I don’t see it happening. Furthermore, if Rock was going to show up, surely WWE would make an effort to tease it, right? As far as other developments, I honestly don’t think that we will have any other major talking points. Mind you, Brock Lesnar’s suspension could see him appear in the Barclays Center to further his own hostilities with Roman.

WWE Survivor Series 2021 Final Thoughts

This definitely feels like the least intriguing WWE PPV event since the return of fans to arenas. To me, it’s about time for WWE to abandon the brand warfare aspect of Survivor Series. After all, even with a strong story behind it, few truly care which brand rules the day. And without any real stories, these bouts have very little reason to exist except to fille time. Therefore, this should hopefully convince WWE to try much harder for 2022 and to scrap the Raw vs. SmackDown focus.

Even so, I still feel that it will be an entertaining PPV. Each match has the potential to at least be worth watching. And the double main event could deliver big-time. Big E vs. Reigns may be a sleeper contender for the match of the year. And Becky vs. Charlotte will have everybody’s attention in the event that something unorthodox takes place. Add to that the possibility of a separate angle or two, and it could still prove to be a fun night in Brooklyn. (The smarky crowd should also help to provide a rocking atmosphere in New York state.) So, despite the pathetic promotion for the show, I do believe that Survivor Series will have some memorable moments.

You can watch WWE Survivor Series 2021 on the WWE Network or on Peacock.

So, those are our predictions for WWE Survivor Series 2021! But what do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment below!