PlayStation Plus October Free Games Recap

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As we progress through the month of October, let us take a moment to glance back at the free games available to those holding a PlayStation Plus subscription. Although some monthly instalments are undeniably more exciting than others; the last few months, have seen a gradual upgrade in the quality of free games at your disposal. October certainly has something new to offer and given that the bar of expectation remains highly set, it will be interesting to see how the gaming community has taken to the latest feature. So without further ado, let us dig into what is on offer with PlayStation Plus October.
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The Last Of Us Remastered

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment                                                     Developer: Naughty Dog                                                                                   Genre: Action/Adventure, Survival Horror                                                         Originally Released: July 29th 2014                                                                   Series: The Last of Us                                                                                   Certificate: 18                                                                                             Consoles: PlayStation 4

For those devout PlayStation users out there, this Naughty Dog title should need little introduction. Coming straight from the PlayStation Hits section of the Store, the masterpiece that is The Last Of Us Remastered (2014) can be yours for absolutely nothing. A Sony exclusive title largely considered the ‘crème de la crème’ of the last console generation has received a graphical facelift to look even more stunning on the current hardware.

The Last of Us is a third-person survival horror game that focuses on close-quarters combat, stealth situations and item crafting. This title emphasises a deeply emotive narrative that will tug on your heartstrings in ways no other game ever has. The Last Of Us places you in the role of Joel, years after tragically losing his young daughter finds himself tasked with escorting Ellie, a teenage girl, across the barren remains of a post-apocalyptic United States. The purpose of which being to find the cure for a zombie-Esque viral outbreak that resulted in the breakdown of society (do not roll your eyes, this one is different!). Ellie is biology immune to the virus; a deadly fungus called Cordyceps. She is believed to be essential for developing a cure.

Over the course of overcoming various trials and tribulations, the two characters blossom a parent-child like relationship. Ellie becomes something of a surrogate daughter to Joel and filling the void left by the tragic death of his biological daughter in the game’s prelude. This game will warm your heart and have you wiping away tears. Definitely, one you do not want to avoid.
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MLB The Show 19

 Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment                                                     Developer: 989 Studios                                                                                             Genre: Sports Game                                                                                       Originally Released: March 26th 2019                                                                     Series: The Last of Us                                                                                 Certificate: E (Everyone)                                                                               Consoles: PlayStation 4

The second game on offer this month is one that resides on the extreme opposite end of the gaming spectrum. That title is MLB The Show 19. Given that I am from the UK, writing to a readership predominantly in this region, it is necessary to specify that MLB stands for Major League Baseball. This a sport and video game that is largely absent in the UK. By no means is this a personal bias against the sport; baseball is simply not a very popular game over on this side of the Atlantic. With this, the inclusion of this title may come as a disappointment to British and European PS Plus subscribers.

However, given that this title has received positive reviews, ranging from 8.5/10 and above, it may be the perfect opportunity for you to try something new. MLB The Show 19 is akin to other sport simulation titles, such as Fifa and Madden NFL. The focusses being player training, management and a variety of game modes being packaged together. Additionally, if you download this game between the first and 31st October, you will be rewarded with additional content. This includes five player packs and a diamond rated player for your team. So try this one out, after hitting a few home runs, you may find yourself interested in a new sport.


October’s selection of free games is one that highlights the growing ambition for quality titles on offer. However, it will definitely receive a mixed reception. The Last Of Us Remastered is a fantastic title, a masterfully crafted emotional rollercoaster that everyone should have in his or her library. However, most of the PlayStation faithful will already have it in their game collection. According to IGN, the Naughty Dog title has sold a combined seventeen million copies globally. The game is conveniently available just months away from the release of the acclaimed sequel. Surely, a series of this calibre does not need it. In contrast, MLB The Show is a slightly underwhelming title, sports games are always geared towards one target audience, the fans of this sport. So using this as the second game on offer is a questionable tactic by Sony.

So this is the selection of games for PlayStation Plus October, stay tuned for more gaming news and reviews. This is Danny from Writebase, until next time folks!

Overall: 7.5/10 – Good