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Mark Thomas Review — Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

Such a politically-conscious show, Mark Thomas, who is incredibly articulate and intelligent, embodied British satire perfectly.

Tom Rosenthal Review – Unity Theatre, Liverpool

I would encourage people to go and watch Tom Rosenthal when he comes to your local auditorium because he was fantastic!

Max And Ivan: Commitment Review – Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Max And Ivan: Commitment is the quickest hour you'll ever spend in a theatre.

Ardal O’Hanlon Review – Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

I thoroughly enjoyed Ardal O'Hanlon live in person, and would absolutely urge anybody to watch him do his thing when he comes to your local auditorium.

The Jersey Beats – Oh What A Nite! Review – Epstein...

Whether you're coming for the music, the comedy or the dancing, The Jersey Beats - Oh What A Nite! has it all and ticks every box for a thoroughly enjoyable night.

Janey Godley’s Soup Pot Review – Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Janey Godley made herself at home in Liverpool, and I hope that she decides to come back soon.

Frank Skinner Review – Garrick Theatre, London

Frank Skinner proved once again why he is one of the truly great English stand-up comedians, and his Showbiz show receives the highest recommendation possible from me.

Sam Avery Review – Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

If you get a chance to check out Sam Avery's Toddlergeddon show, I would definitely recommend it for laughs and memorable stories aplenty.

John Shuttleworth Review – Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

It was absolutely fabulous to see John Shuttleworth live, and his show is highly recommended.

Theatre Review: The Jersey Beats – Oh What A Nite!, Epstein...

Overall, The Jersey Beats was a fantastic night out, with the added bonus of Leye D Johns as the host with the most.