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Liverpool Theatre Festival 2021 Review – Bombed Out Church, Liverpool

Once again, Liverpool Theatre Festival 2021 was a big hit. And I personally can't wait to see what shows we will get next year. Roll on 2022!

Laughterhouse Comedy Review – Bombed Out Church, Liverpool

The Laughterhouse Comedy experience, such as this special performance at Liverpool's Bombed Out Church, guarantees a great night out.

Frank Skinner Show Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

If you can see Frank Skinner live at the Empire Theatre, I absolutely encourage you to do so. Because he remains as hilarious as ever.

Sian Davies – About Time Review – Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Go for the laugh, but you'll stay for the reality. The only thing missing tonight was a soapbox and yet ‘About Time’ is Davies’s. It's two shows for the price of one and yet throughout it all, we see how this proud comedian and writer sees the world. Sees the injustice and the ‘if you don't laugh, you'll cry’ contradictions of a system that was allegedly designed to help the most vulnerable and needy.

The Very Best Of Tommy Cooper – Bombed Out Church, Liverpool

The Very Best Of Tommy Cooper manages to pack in as many jokes, stories, songs and tricks into sixty minutes as possible, and any fans of this British variety legend will be thoroughly satisfied by this show.

Laughterhouse Comedy Review – Bombed Out Church, Liverpool

The Liverpool Theatre Festival knocked it out of the park with the Laughterhouse Comedy event.

Mark Thomas Review — Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

Such a politically-conscious show, Mark Thomas, who is incredibly articulate and intelligent, embodied British satire perfectly.

Tom Rosenthal Review – Unity Theatre, Liverpool

I would encourage people to go and watch Tom Rosenthal when he comes to your local auditorium because he was fantastic!

Max And Ivan: Commitment Review – Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Max And Ivan: Commitment is the quickest hour you'll ever spend in a theatre.

Ardal O’Hanlon Review – Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

I thoroughly enjoyed Ardal O'Hanlon live in person, and would absolutely urge anybody to watch him do his thing when he comes to your local auditorium.

The Jersey Beats – Oh What A Nite! Review – Epstein...

Whether you're coming for the music, the comedy or the dancing, The Jersey Beats - Oh What A Nite! has it all and ticks every box for a thoroughly enjoyable night.

Janey Godley’s Soup Pot Review – Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Janey Godley made herself at home in Liverpool, and I hope that she decides to come back soon.

Frank Skinner Review – Garrick Theatre, London

Frank Skinner proved once again why he is one of the truly great English stand-up comedians, and his Showbiz show receives the highest recommendation possible from me.

Sam Avery Review – Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

If you get a chance to check out Sam Avery's Toddlergeddon show, I would definitely recommend it for laughs and memorable stories aplenty.

John Shuttleworth Review – Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

It was absolutely fabulous to see John Shuttleworth live, and his show is highly recommended.

Theatre Review: The Jersey Beats – Oh What A Nite!, Epstein...

Overall, The Jersey Beats was a fantastic night out, with the added bonus of Leye D Johns as the host with the most.

Comedy Review: Rob Newman, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Rob Newman's show was one of the best nights, if not the best night, of comedy that I’ve experienced in years.

Comedy Review: Adam Rowe, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

It is Undeniable that Adam Rowe is a star in the making, as evidenced by a night of thoroughly enjoyable stand-up comedy.

Comedy Review: Roy Chubby Brown, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

If you're completely open-minded when it comes to stand-up comedy, then this is a hilarious night of entertainment, and your funny bone will be overworked.

Comedy Review: Tim Key: Megadate, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Summing this one up, I would suggest checking out Tim Key the next time that he visits your town.

Comedy Review: My Dad Wrote A Porno, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

The live version of My Dad Wrote A Porno is naughty, fun and surreal, a sign of how sex will always sell. Even if it's triggered simply by Belinda blinking.

Comedy Review: Mark Thomas – Showtime From The Frontline, Playhouse Theatre,...

Mark Thomas could well give light to a new breed and new race of satirical talents. Something this world needs, especially for those without a voice.

Comedy Review: An Audience With Stan Boardman, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Stan Boardman was one of the most popular stand-up comedians from the 1970s and 1980s, generally considering something of a peak period for stand-up comedy.

Comedy Review: Carl Hutchinson – The Fixer, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Far removed from the reliably pious London-centric comedians dominating comedy, Carl Hutchinson provided real Northern humour, unpretentious & uninhibited.

Comedy Review: Russell Howard – Round The World, Echo Arena, Liverpool

Russell Howard is once again touring the UK comedy circuit, and has brought his new Round The World show to Liverpool's Echo Arena.

Comedy Review: Is That Chris Ramsey?, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

A fantastic evening of comedy entertainment, as both Chris Ramsey and Carl Hutchinson delivered hilarity that will live long in the memory.

Comedy Review: Viva Hypnosis By Simon Warner, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Whether you see Simon Warner in Liverpool, Edinburgh or Tenerife, you'll have a fantastically entertaining night.

Comedy Review: Laughterhouse Comedy: Mathew Street Opening Night, Laughterhouse Comedy, Liverpool

I would definitely recommend going along to Laughterhouse Comedy on Mathew Street, as there will be many more wonderful and humorously weird acts to come.